How to make a Wood Pour Over Coffee Stand

DIY Wood Pour Over Coffee Stand DIY Interior
DIY Wood Pour Over Coffee Stand

A pour over coffee stand is to hold a funnel which is where you place your filter and ground coffee. I will show you how to make a simple, beautiful pour over coffee stand.

Material list

  • Wood (Oak) … 180㎜x20㎜
  • Steal pipe (or Steal rod)
  • Wooden dowel pin
  • Oil finish for wood

Tools list

  • Circular saw (or Table saw)
  • Drill driver (and Bits)
  • Orbital sander (or Belt sander)
  • Dowel centers

How to

  1. Cut the wood
    Cut three pieces from the 180㎜×20㎜ Oak board using circular saw.(180x160x20mm for one bottom piece and two side pieces)

  2. Drill the holes
    Then, drill a 10mm deep & 8mm diameter hole for the steal pipe. And for the side boards and the bottom board, drill a 11mm deep & 8mm diameter hole for the dowels. To work easily, use some dowel centers. Push the dowel centers into the holes drilled on one side of a joint, bring the mating pieces of wood into alignment, then push them together tightly. The dowel centers mark the centers of the holes required on the other side of the joint, ready for drilling.

  3. Sanding
    Use a orbital sander to smooth out the surfaces and round the edge of each piece of wood. You can just use some sandpaper and do this by hand.

  4. Apply a finish
    Wipe off the dust and dirt. Use a clean cloth to apply an oil finish, and then wait at least 30 minutes before wiping off any excess.

  5. Glue the dowels
    I worked glue onto the sides of each dowel hole before assembly. And I glued the pipe into the side piece of wood and let glue dry.



Thank you for reading the Wood Pour Over coffee Stand DIY tutorial. I hope it is helpful for you. If you have any question, feel free to ask me.